Starry Night Sweatshirt

This sweatshirt is made with an all-over print of Vincent van Gogh’s The Starry Night. Currently on sale for just $16.51 with FREE SHIPPING at Amazon!

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Into A Quiet Storm by Kent Freeman on Flickr.
The Paper Kites

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Still, theres a wound and I’m moving slow
Though it don’t show, though it don’t show
I’ve got a hole where nothing grows
How little you know, how little you know.

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O, why aren’t you here? I am afraid I will come home & you will have forgotten me, or you will have found some other girl to love. You said something to me once, I have never forgotten it, you said I like to be admired, do you remember? You said I would love anybody who admired me. Don’t hate this hard thing I am about to say my darling but sometimes I think its YOU that would love anybody. Sometimes it seems so astonishing that you should love me that I think that you must only want me because you lost so many other things.
Sarah Waters, The Paying Guests